Common Indications of a Transmission Problem

Common Indications of a Transmission Problem

Because transmission issues often rapidly worsen, it's important to get to the shop at the first sign of trouble. By being proactive, you could potentially save yourself from having to pay for much more expensive repairs. When you need transmission repair, be sure to bring your vehicle to a mechanic who specializes in transmission service. Here are six common symptoms of transmission trouble.

Slipping Gears

One of the most familiar signs of transmission trouble is that the vehicle suddenly jumps out of gear while you're cruising along. In some instances, this issue can be resolved by getting a transmission fluid flush. However, there's also a chance that it will require more complex work to take care of it.

Transmission Fluid Leak

It's a good idea to occasionally take a look at the pavement where your vehicle is often parked and see if there are any signs of leaking automotive fluids. Transmission fluid can often be differentiated from other fluids by its red color. If your car has a transmission fluid leak, you'll want to address it quickly so that you don't risk serious problems arising from a dangerously low fluid level.

Burning Transmission Fluid

It's typically best to check transmission fluid while the vehicle is running. If the fluid looks or smells burnt, you'll want to have a mechanic conduct an inspection so the underlying problem can be identified and addressed.

Rough Shifting

If your transmission is operating with worn-out parts that are overdue for replacement, then your vehicle may start jerking during the shifting process.


Grinding in a manual transmission is a sign of clutch failure. With this symptom, it is possible that a clutch adjustment will resolve this issue. A spongy or sticky clutch pedal is also symptomatic of clutch trouble.

Difficult to Get into Gear

A problem with the clutch master cylinder could make it very challenging to put your manual transmission into gear.

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Posted: March 13, 2021

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